Mojo Jelly Media, founded by Sam Zimmerman in 1996, produces audio, video, websites, events and artwork.

Sam is a senior producer with extensive management experience in broadcast and interactive media.

Since 1995, Sam has developed television programs, radio programs, CD-rom games, live events, and produced over 100 websites for clients including American Express, Bacardi, Discovery, GE, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, the Rolling Stones, Sony and Sotheby's. As Director of Creative Services, Sam lead creative and technical development for Plum TV, a start-up network of cable television stations and websites operating in Aspen, the Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard, Miami, Nantucket, Telluride, Sun Valley and Vail. A selection of this work is seen below.

Sam's professional work in media is complemented by a parallel career in art and performance. In the early 90's, Sam lived in San Diego and was a member of Crash Worship. From 2005 to 2010, Sam was a principal owner of Monkey Town in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC, where he curated video art programs.

Sam's video artwork has been shown at Centre Pompidou, Paris and Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, and has screened in festivals in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin and Amsterdam. Sam and partner Jeanne Angel currently design video for Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Psychic TV and Thee Majesty.

Network branding

This system was designed to solve two challenges: to feature a range of market-supplied footage of unreliable quality, and to embrace the Plum logo, an awkward football-shaped creature inclined to push things away.

  • Plum network ID

  • Emmy Awards Promo

  • "A Plum Opportunity" Advertiser Promo

Local station branding

Local station IDs for Plum TV were implemented as Motion templates to allow for versions to be created for each market and to be updated throughout the year to reflect the changing seasons.

  • "Plum Is..." Local Market ID - Nantucket

  • Station ID - Plum Nantucket version 1

  • Station ID - Plum Nantucket version 2

  • Weather and Snow Report - Aspen

  • Station ID - Plum Aspen

  • Station ID - Plum Miami

  • Station ID - Plum Martha's Vineyard

  • Station ID - Plum Sun Valley

  • Station ID - Plum Telluride version 1

  • Station ID - Plum Telluride version 2

  • Station ID - Plum Vail


A selection of brand packages for program series, some shot and aired in one market, some shown across the network. The Juice, Fresh Tracks and Savor are examples of programs developed by the network to be executed by each station with local hosts and content.

  • The Juice - New York

  • The Juice - Miami

  • The Juice - Hamptons

  • Fresh Tracks - Vail

  • Savor - Sun Valley

  • Prism

  • Edible Island

  • Ideas: Conversations from the Aspen Institute

  • Model Season

  • It's Very Uli

  • Hey Lauren!

  • Filmstock

  • Books & Ideas

  • Teton Gravity Research
    pw = mojojelly

Other Work

I produced music videos for the Rolling Stones and Pink and Brown. I also helped create an interactive outdoor sculpture mixing telephone messages left by visitors into a real-time audio collage, and an Android app to support free speech.

  • Sympathy For The Devil 2003
    pw = mojojelly

  • Take Flight Bucolic Chandelier, Figment 2010

  • Pink and Brown
    "2 Clicks Communicator" 2003

  • I'm Getting Arrested
    Android app 2012


Monkey Town
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge archive